BUI In Georgia

  Boating Under the Influence – BUI in Georgia    Georgia is filled with some of the most beautiful bodies of water in the country, including: Lake Lanier, Lake Hartwell, Lake Oconee, Lake Allatoona, Lake Sinclair, and Lake Jackson.  Unfortunately though, in 2017, state statistics show that there were over 270 boating under the influence (BUI) related accidents on Georgia’s lakes.    […]

Effective Therapies for Sex Offenders

If you’re convicted of a sex crime in Georgia, there’s no doubt your life can get quite complicated for awhile. You’ll appear on the sex offender registry, you may not be permitted to live within a certain distance from schools, parks, and so on. However, in putting your life back together, the larger question is […]

How Prevalent are Sex Crimes at Colleges?

Sex Crimes on College Campuses: The Facts A controversial study from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) found 89 percent of college campuses reported zero incidents of sexual assault in 2015. They gathered crime reports from more than 11,000 campuses and discovered that the majority said they didn’t have a single reported rape the […]

How Bad Is Prescription Drug Abuse on College Campuses?

Prescription Drug Abuse at College: What Parents Need to Know When sending kids to college for the first time, many parents remember all the “good stuff” they once experienced—the exhilarating freedom of being away from home; amazing adventures (intellectual and otherwise); and exciting new friendships. College is a time to try new things. But this […]

Your Child Was Arrested for a Prescription Drug Activity?

Your Teen Was Arrested on Prescription Drug Charges: What Now? Unintentional overdose deaths involving opioid pain relievers have more than quadrupled since 1999 and have outnumbered those involving heroin and cocaine since 2002. –National Institute on Drug Abuse It’s a call no parent ever wants to get. Your child was arrested on serious charges related […]