DUI Charges While on Probation in Atlanta


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Georgia DUI Charge

DUI charges in Atlanta can carry serious consequences. Depending on the severity of the DUI charge, a probation violation and jail time are possible. If you face DUI charges while on probation in Atlanta, it is vital to understand the potential implications.

When facing a Georgia DUI charge or violation of probation, consider hiring an attorney. An experienced Atlanta DUI lawyer who understands the DUI case process can help you understand the nature of a DUI conviction and what possible consequences may arise from it.


Minimum Sentence for DUI in Georgia


The minimum sentence for your first DUI in Georgia is a $300.00 fine and 24 hours in jail. Other penalties required by law include 12 months probation, 40 hours of community service, a substance abuse evaluation, DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Course. These penalties are elevated if this is your second DUI within ten years.

DUI Probation Violation

Probation rules can be strict and vary from state to state. DUI probation violations in Georgia can result in a revocation of your probation or an increase in the probationary period. You could even face additional restrictions, fines, or even jail time if you are convicted of a DUI or prescription drug DUI in Georgia. Additionally, if you are on probation and convicted of a DUI, the court may order that you pay fines or fees in full.

Getting a DUI While on Probation


Even if you are convicted of a DUI while on probation, it is possible to have the sentence reduced or eliminated in a probation revocation hearing. With the help of an attorney, you can negotiate a lesser sentence or even an alternative to jail time.

Getting Arrested While on Probation

When on probation, the judge may view a DUI arrest as a violation of the terms of your probation.

If you are on community service probation, the judge may modify your probation to include an alcohol or drug education program, substance abuse assessment, or addiction treatment.


Can You Drink While on Probation for DUI in Georgia?


Drinking while on probation for a DUI in Georgia is not allowed and is considered a violation of your probation which could lead to more penalties.

2nd DUI While on Probation for 1st DUI

If you are charged with a second DUI while on probation for the first, it is likely that you’ve violated your probation by driving under the influence. This means you may face penalties for a probation violation as well as penalties for the DUI. 

In this type of situation, it is vital to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney. An attorney who understands DUI laws in Georgia and can help defend your rights and negotiate a plea bargain or alternative sentence on your behalf.


How Long Is Probation for DUI?


The maximum probation sentence a Georgia court can give you for a DUI is 12 months, unless it is your 4th or subsequent conviction. If it is your 4th or subsequent conviction, this can trigger up to a maximum of 5 years on probation. Similarly, if there are other crimes involved with the DUI, the time on probation may increase.

During probation, the accused must remain law-abiding, refrain from consuming alcohol and drugs, attend regular meetings with a probation officer, and submit to random drug/alcohol testing.

In some cases, the accused may also be required to perform community service or enroll in an alcohol or drug treatment program. Failure to comply with any terms of the probation may result in a revocation, which can have serious repercussions.

Why Contact an Attorney for DUI Probation Help?

An experienced Atlanta DUI lawyer from Chehimi Law, LLC can help those facing DUI charges or those on probation for a DUI charge who need assistance understanding their rights and obligations. They may also be able to negotiate a more favorable sentence on behalf of the accused.

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