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Atlanta Felony Defense Lawyer 


Have you or a loved one been charged with a felony? Life seems to go on pause when you are faced with charges that make you fear for your freedom. This can be the

 beginning of a serious and lengthy fight, but there is plenty of hope.

Knowing more about the nature of the charges, strategies and tactics used by prosecutors, and the details of your particular case will greatly improve the chances of a favorable outcome.


What are felony charges?

In criminal law, a felony is often considered the most serious type of crime, and can be either violent or non-violent. The main characteristic of a felony is that being found guilty will often result in incarceration for at least 1 year.

Being charged with a felony is a serious matter. Navigating the complex legal system that varies from state to state can be difficult for you or your loved ones, especially while dealing with the stress of facing criminal charges.

We know Georgia criminal laws and are experienced to handle your case.


Can felony charges be dropped to misdemeanors?

The good news is that this is easy to determine, but the reality is that the answer isn’t so simple. There are certain types of felonies that can be reduced to misdemeanors; these are called wobblers. A wobbler is a legal term meaning a charge can be filed as either a felony or misdemeanor.

Secondly, felony charges can be dropped to misdemeanors if you have never been sentenced to state prison. If this is your first offense, there is a greater likelihood of reducing the offense.

Talk to us to learn more about your particular case and to discover all possible courses of action.


How to fight felony charges?

The first step is to hire a qualified felony attorney who can help explain your case and answer all your questions. Your attorney should also have experience in criminal defense for your particular state. We have been in the law industry in Georgia for 10 years and know these courts.

A judge or a prosecutor can choose to dismiss any case for a number of reasons. Don’t get stuck without knowing all the facts about your case. Call us today.


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