• Dedicated DUI lawyer that goes the extra mile!

    Manal Chehimi handled my DUI case in the courtroom. She got my DUI reduced to a reckless driving (which was my main objective in hiring a lawyer). She did a great job of explaining the likely outcomes and giving me detailed information about what I needed to do to fulfill my requirements once the case was decided. She also managed to get a "Nolo contendre" ruling on my reckless driving instead of a guilty verdict, which means I won't have points on my record. When I went to find out about my probation after the ruling, she stayed with me to make sure everything went smoothly. It is a good thing she did! The clerk had changed my probation from 12 months to 24 months! Manal caught the judge before he left the courthouse, and made sure to get everything straightened out that day.
    – Amber
  • A wonderful attorney

    Manal Khaled Chehimi is an exceptional lawyer. I hired Donald Turner for help in a DUI case and he and Ms. Chehimi were simply amazing. They managed to get my DUI reduced to a reckless driving charge and enabled me to keep my drivers licence as well. My experience with Ms. Chehimi was a most positive one as she was always available for questions or simply to take the time to reassure me. I would most certainly seek her help if needed in the future.
    – Heather
  • Excellent Attorney

    Manal is an excellent attorney who obtained for me what was likely the best possible outcome in my case. She was knowledgeable, up to date on the case, and good about returning my phone calls. I'd retain her again in a heartbeat.
    – David
  • Excellent Attorney!

    I would like to thank Attorney Manal Chehimi for the exemplary work she has done in getting my DUI case dismissed. Thank you so much for: your dedication, your honestly, hard work and sincerity, but last but not least, thank you for restoring hope! Your interpersonal skills, really got me thru those moments when I thought all was lost. Your mastery of the law assured me in those moments when I thought this case too monumental to win…but you won! Thank you very much! You are a true champion!...keep up the good work. You are highly recommended
    – Rupert
  • Manal knows her stuff.

    Manal helped me with my traffic citation and got my ticket reduced to a non-reported violation. She is very friendly, knowledgeable and punctual. I highly recommend Manal, she's simply the best!
    – Tony


  • A phenomenal criminal defense attorney
    Manal is a phenomenal criminal defense attorney and is passionate about all of her cases. From traffic tickets to homicide, Manal will work to get the best possible for her clients.
    – Jason White
  • Manal is who you want by your side
    Manal is one of the rising stars in our legal community, as she continues to fight hard for her clients and get fantastic results in court. If you're looking for a lawyer who is competent, fierce, loyal and dedicated to your best interests, then Manal is who you want by your side.
    – Ashley Schiavone
  • A committed and tireless professional
    Manal is a committed and tireless professional for her clients. The experience and knowledge she has displayed in her cases goes well beyond her years. She is a great attorney and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of aggressive advocacy in a DUI situation.
    – Sean Park
  • Delivers results for her clients
    Manal is a well respected attorney who delivers results for her clients time and time again. She is not only articulate and professional in and outside of the courtroom, but she truly cares about her clients. I highly recommend her services.
    – Ashley McMahan
  • Always current with the law
    A true advocate who is always current with the law. Manal Chehimi never backs down from the State and is always wiling to try her cases. She often leaves the other side questioning the strength of their case. I endorse this attorney!
    – Allison McCarthy