The Atlanta Municipal Court


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Atlanta Municipal Court

The Atlanta Municipal Court is one of 370 municipal courts in Georgia. This city court conducts preliminary hearings and tries traffic violations within the city limits, municipal ordinance cases, and specific misdemeanor offenses such as DUI, shoplifting, or marijuana possession.

If you’ve been charged with violations under Georgia State laws in Atlanta and nearby districts, your case would likely take place at the Municipal Court of Atlanta. In such an instance, having an Atlanta criminal lawyer represent you could be beneficial. 

Jurisdiction of the Court

The Atlanta Municipal Court hears cases from DeKalb County and Fulton County. Like other county courts, the Atlanta Municipal Court handles cases involving housing law, traffic violations, DUI, shoplifting, tax issues, disputes, business disputes, violations of a city ordinance, and other misdemeanor charges.  

Many other activities could be conducted at the Atlanta municipal courthouse. Other than criminal hearings, you can sort out other issues online or at the courthouse, including:

  • Finding out your case number in a criminal charge

  • Making payment for a minor traffic violation ticket, including parking tickets

The most severe offenses handled at the Atlanta Municipal Court are misdemeanor arrests for DUI or possession of marijuana. If you are charged with either DUI or marijuana possession, ​​an Atlanta marijuana possession lawyer could help your case.

Location of the Atlanta Municipal Court

The Atlanta Municipal Court address is 150 Garnett St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303. The building is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4 PM. For more information, call (404) 954-7914 or visit their website.

Finding Your Case at the Atlanta Municipal Court

If you’ve received a uniform traffic citation, summons, or accusation, you can search for information about your case and court dates on the court’s website using your citation number. You can find the citation number at the top right corner of the document. The link to search for your case in Atlanta Municipal Court online is:

Essential Tips for Your Municipal Court of Atlanta Hearing

If you have a case before the Court, you need to note the following:

  • Don’t be late

  • Dress appropriately

  • Obey COVID protocols

  • No smoking

  • Turn off pagers and cell phones

  • No weapons allowed

  • Food or drinks are not allowed


Failure to Attend Court

If you are scheduled to appear at the Atlanta Municipal Court, it is essential to attend court on the given date. You may be fined, or a bench warrant may be issued if you miss your court date. If you miss your court date, you will have to appear in person to request the case be reset and then wait for them to provide you with a date. It can be an extremely complicated and frustrating process, so make sure you do not miss your court date. If you cannot appear in court, you can likely hire an attorney to attend on your behalf.

Why You Need an Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney 

If you’re facing criminal charges at the Atlanta Municipal Court, a criminal defense attorney could be of great help in many ways.

criminal defense attorney, Georgia, can help you understand the charges against you, prepare you for your case, explore alternatives like pre-trial intervention or diversion, navigate the court process, and give you the support and representation you need from the time you enter a plea to the time your case is dismissed, or the judge determines the outcome.

Working with criminal defense attorneys can distinguish between a guilty and not guilty verdict.

If your case is coming up at the Atlanta Municipal Court, Chehimi Law can help. Our goal is to skillfully represent our clients by formulating unique strategies for each case or client. We can examine every detail of your case, including how the arrest or citation was made, how evidence was collected, the validity of witness and victim statements, and technical matters of law to help you achieve a successful outcome in deserving cases. 

Attorney Manal Chehimi is an experienced criminal defense lawyer. You can contact her or the firm to schedule a free consultation.


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