Super Speeder O.G.C.A. 40-6-189



In Georgia, a Super Speeder is when an individual is charged going 75 mph or more on a two-lane road. Or, when an individual is charged for going 85 mph or above on any road or highway in the State of Georgia, such as an interstate.
Failure to pay the Super Speeder fee within 120 days of official notice will result in the suspension of the offender’s license or driving privileges. Offender will be expected to pay a $50 reinstatement fee along with the $200 Super Speeder fee in order for their license or driving privileges to be reinstated.

Super Speeder Fine = 200

Following Too Close O.G.C.A 40-6-49



You usually receive this citation when you are in an auto accident and you have rear-ended someone. Violation of this code occurs when the driver of a motor vehicle is following another vehicle too closely. The driver must allow there to be a reasonable and prudent distance between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them. 

Punishment: for following too closely in the state of Georgia, regardless if an accident occurs, the violation will add 3 points to one’s driving record.

Under 18
4 points in 12 month period = license suspension

Over 18
Accumulation of 15 points in 24 months = license suspension