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My car got towed – what do I do?

The next step depends on 2 questions:

  1. Why did your car get towed?
  2. From where did it get towed?

We won’t discuss vehicle repossession, which is actually very different than towing.

Generally officers can’t leave a vehicle unattended if they’re arresting a driver. So if you’re arrested while driving, the officer will call a tow truck to pick up your car. Once you are taken into custody and granted a bond, you will receive towing information on where your car is locate.

To retrieve your vehicle, many jurisdictions will ask for a Vehicle Release Form from the police agency that towed your car. To receive this form, you’ll need the following:

  • Valid picture ID (i.e. current driver’s license, state-issues ID, military ID, passport, etc.)
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Original title

If the registered owner is not available to pick up the vehicle, they can send a representative. The representative must have a notarized Authorization Release Form that includes the vehicle specifics.

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How much will is cost to retrieve my vehicle?

The Georgia Department of Public Safety has capped the fees that towing companies can charge. In addition, certain cities may set a lower maximum fee within their city limits. For more info, check the ordinances of the city where your car was towed.

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The maximum towing rates and charges per state law

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The maximum storage rates and charges per state law as follows:

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If your car has been towed in Fulton County, click here for more helpful information.


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