Your Georgia Traffic Ticket Is a Wake-Up Call

In some states, getting a ticket for a moving violation feels like a slap on the wrist. However, here in Georgia, a traffic ticket is no laughing matter. Depending on the fees imposed by local jurisdictions, even getting cited for driving a few miles over the speed limit can result in hundreds of dollars in fines. To make matters worse, the same traffic violation committed in two different counties can result in a difference of $1,000 or more in fines! If you’ve recently been ticketed in Georgia, what can you expect, and more importantly, how can you keep it from happening again?

Reality Check

A moving violation in Georgia usually adds up to more than the cost of the ticket alone. Let’s look at potential consequences for just one offense:

Avoiding a Repeat Offense

Feeling overwhelmed yet? You should. Georgia takes its traffic violations seriously – especially the smaller municipal courts.

Once you’ve dealt with the fallout of a traffic ticket, your primary goal should be to avoid getting another one. Best practices to do so include:

Because Georgia traffic tickets can carry steep penalties, it may be in your best interest to contest a traffic citation. For legal representation and advice for traffic violations in Atlanta, call Chehimi Law at 678-878-3125.