Dedicated DUI Lawyer Fulton County

A DUI conviction has serious consequences in Fulton County Georgia. If you or your loved one are arrested for DUI, consult with a Fulton County DUI lawyer.

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DUI Lawyer Fulton County

DUI arrests are very common and often result in the suspension of your driver’s license. Many people are arrested with DUIs around the holidays.

When charged with a DUI, get legal advice from Fulton county DUI attorneys before pleading guilty.

A strategic DUI defense from an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you protect your rights in the Fulton county state court. A guilty plea for any of your DUI cases can lead you to face several harsh consequences.


Top-Rated DUI Attorney in Fulton County

A DUI charge could change your life within a second. You can face a driver’s license suspension, possible jail time, hefty fines, and a permanent criminal record that will affect your profession and personal life.

We take DUI arrests seriously! We have experienced attorneys with the highest standard of representation available.

With a former DUI prosecutor on our team who has completed many jury trials and motions, he will build a strong defense for your DUI case. Whether it is your first time DUI conviction or your second, you will face severe charges and penalties that would require you to have a skilled attorney with you. 

When Do I Need to Hire a DUI Lawyer?

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, you can be in serious trouble, and you must hire a DUI attorney. Reckless driving is considered as serious in the Georgia department, and it entails serious consequences. If the case has proceeded to the jury trial, it won’t get away with minor restrictions like a suspended license, speeding ticket, or any other. 

A DUI is a misdemeanor offense, but it carries other harsh penalties and legal issues if convicted. For a DUI charge in the state of Georgia, you can get a jail time of around 12 months followed by several fines and penalties which could go up to $1000, including DUI school and community service.

Benefits of Hiring a DUI Attorney in Fulton County

If you are facing a DUI charge, it is crucial to hire an experienced Fulton County DUI attorney who is committed to your case. Fulton County DUI charges often result in automatic license suspension. An experienced lawyer will defend and support your case and help you get back your driver’s license.

Each DUI arrest in Fulton County, GA, is unique, but most cases have a similar style of events of the legal process. A DUI defense requires several court appearances and court procedures that can be difficult to understand.

Better navigation through these cases would require you to have an efficient understanding of the case process. Developing an understanding of all the statutes and laws regarding DUI and DUI arrests in a short period would be difficult.

A good Fulton County DUI lawyer is experienced and knows what to expect from the DUI prosecutor and judges, which helps in making the best decision to give you a good outcome. This will give you confidence as a client that your case is being handled properly.

A skilled DUI attorney will ask you for case details. Based on the details, your lawyer will come up with a case scenario and defense strategy. He will also record statements from witnesses to analyze how synced they are. Then, these details will be used to craft a defense strategy to protect your rights in court.

DUI law is very complex, but getting an experienced Fulton County DUI lawyer will help you understand the DUI case process hence clearing any doubts.

How to Get a Good Lawyer for DUI Charges in Fulton County

You can use personal referrals to lead you to the most reviewed law office in Fulton County. Make sure they have the right level of experience, like one who is a former DUI prosecutor will know how to handle the court process.

Interview your prospective lawyer to see if you will build a good attorney-client relationship and if you feel confident having them represent your drunk driving case.

Online search is a good place to start. Most law offices offer a free consultation. Schedule a meeting with an attorney and tell them your goals and ask about how much they charge to defend clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a DUI lawyer in Fulton County?

Most Fulton County DUI lawyers work on a flat fee. An experienced DUI lawyer knows what to expect for the case and would charge from $1500 to $5000.

How long does a DUI case take in Georgia?

A Georgia DUI case takes approximately 1 to 4 months to receive your next court date, depending on the case volume.

How do you get a DUI Dismissed in Georgia?

Your DUI case dismissed could result from procedural mistakes during the arrest or errors made with the field sobriety tests or the blood and urine test.

Does a DUI ever go away?

Although any conviction becomes irrelevant over the years, there is no period beyond which a DUI conviction will disappear from your driving or criminal history.


A DUI arrest should not mean an end to your driving or career. There should be a way to protect your rights. Georgia DUI lawyers are dedicated to helping you get a lesser sentence or win your argument in court. Do not hesitate to get yourself one. A DUI case is complicated, and if handled by nonprofessionals, it could leave a mark on your record. An experienced DUI will help you navigate this tough situation with the best possible solutions that you can use to protect yourself from hefty fines and a sentence in jail. Be wise and get an EXPERIENCED DUI defense team on your side.


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